Project Marketing

Ken and Mary’s background in project marketing and sales proves invaluable when representing Developers. The Exclusive Vancouver Real Estate Group routinely works with some of Vancouver’s top real estate developers to help market and sell boutique to large-scale developments.  This and their almost 3 decades of sales experience selling thousands of homes defines the Exclusive Vancouver Real Estate Group’s marketing difference.  They will sit down with prospective clients and explain the home selling process, and answer any questions they may have. All avenues of marketing your space will be tailored to give each property maximum exposure to qualified buyers.

Market Analysis

The Exclusive Vancouver team will provide critical insights and recommendations relating to current market conditions and key development decisions. Advanced market studies, analysis of demographic statistics, comparable projects, resale market trends, and zoning considerations will be provided on an ongoing basis. Detailed case studies for similar developments will also be provided, outlining pros and cons from a sales perspective. Sales Velocity and revenue maximization will be considered during the development of the pricing strategy.

Product Offering Development

Product offering considerations, such as unit mix, architectural design, floorplans, interior specifications, and unique features are key in the success of any development. With decades of experience in not only new projects, but also resale properties, Ken and Mary's recommendations will be based on a current market analysis, as well as historical successes and resale market performance.     

Marketing Program

A comprehensive marketing program will be orchestrated, starting with project identity, following with traditional marketing, social media engagement, and the next generation of CRM.  Effective budgeting, management, and review are all essential parts of the marketing program.

Sales Execution and Contract Management

With decades of sales experience in all types of markets, and a focus on projects in the City of Vancouver, the Exclusive Vancouver team will conduct professional sales presentations to all prospective purchasers.  Sales files, including contracts, addendums, disclosure statement amendments, and deposits, will be executed electronically to ensure accuracy and efficienty. 

Completion Services

The Exclusive Vancouver completion services, from client management, to closing preparation and execution, are expertly managed to ensure a smooth and successful completion. Strong customer service is just as integral to the sales process as the development of the building, which is why it is a main focus of the team. The attitude towards the developer and their brand can be further solifiied in the minds of buyers if completion services are executed effectively. 



We have worked with many preeminent Vancouver developers in our capacity as project marketers. Here is what some of them have to say about their experience. working together. 

It’s always a pleasure working with Ken and Mary. They have a strong grasp of market trends and knowledge that is entirely beneficial in the project planning and marketing stages. We are confident in their sales direction and consider them a big part of our recent successes and extended Boffo Properties team.

- Flavia Boffo Punzo, Principal, Boffo Properties

Ken and Mary are fantastic at what they do. It was an absolute pleasure working with them on our recent Cordovan, Mason, and Eastpark projects. From unit planning and project positioning through to sales strategy and execution, Ken and Mary bring energy, drive, passion, and impressive market knowledge  to the entire process. They are an integral part of our project team.

- Marissa Evans, Director of Marketing, Boffo Properties